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Hello. If you like what you hear/see and would like to support me (a.k.a help me to be able to continue making new music/videos), please feel free to make a contribution by 'rewarding' my efforts (& feel free to spread the word too). Thanks/ 1Love, @P_C_T

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P.C.T - My Desire

Reward just because you enjoy!
Reward just because you enjoy!

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London-based artist-producer P.C.T stands for two things... firstly, Patrick Coleridge-Taylor... and secondly, an innovative brand of (Electro/Alternative-flavoured) Progressive Hip-Hop with a unique lyrical style, which he uses to communicate through his music...

Having begun his musical journey in 1998, "P" has independently released material which has obtained exposure via channels such as BBC Radio 1/1Xtra, Choice FM, Kiss FM, XFM, Channel U, Kiss TV, BEN TV, VEVO and magazines such as RWD, Touch etc. In his own words:

"I genuinely enjoy music... Through it I find purpose, and aim to reach as many people as possible ..."

… so please feel free to have a listen and get in touch!

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