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Hey, I'm a guitarist from London, UK. I've played in several bands in the past, both guitar and bass (the most notable of which was Sonous) and now write and record solo material with a home studio setup. In 2006 I released my first solo album under the banner of Enlightenment - Symbolic Gestures. It is available to buy from CD Baby in both CD and download format. I play all guitars, bass, keyboards and program a drum machine. My brother Simon has provided guest keyboards on some tracks. Logichaos is the follow up and will be released in 2012, tracks are previewing exclusively on SoundCloud. On top of all this I juggle a wife and 3 kids and a full-time job as a Systems Analyst. DISCOGRAPHY: Sonous - Reflections (Band - 2004) Enlightenment - Symbolic Gestures (2006) Logichaos (2012) New Horizon EP (TBC)