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Hi! I have new songs for you... I would like to hear your opinion... You can free download songs. Cheers! ps.IVEZA

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Iveza - Ready To Leave - new schoo...

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Veteran Serbian artist and producer, Ivan Ivezic, is best known for being one of the current members of one of the oldest hardcore punk bands in Europe, KBO! He is also the vocalist and guitar player for the hardcore screamo band, Thimble, early member of the band Elements, and founder of his latest experimental electronic modern rock project, IVEZA. Playing over 1,000 live shows between both KBO! and Thimble, and awarded numerous times by Serbian TV Shows and publications throughout, Ivan’s experience and knowledge of both crafting music and the technology behind capturing and mastering it, have all come together to produce some very successful and unique compilations of music for over three decades.

Describing the music scene in Serbia as somewhat of an unstable process of creation, Ivan explains, “After the very productive years back in the ‘70s and the ‘80s, a civil war breaks out in Yugoslavia and from then on there is a disruption and a vacuum in all spheres of existence, consequently in music as well. What has been lost is the sense of identity, I think, and that’s what our music seems to be lacking ever since. Furthermore, since the vast majority of the population here fails to support real values and bands characterized by originality and creative spirit, with the media attacking us with ‘turbo- folk’ music which basically promotes the idea that we should all embrace materialism embodied in the porno-divas who rule the scene, anybody who does not fit in with the given frame is not allowed to make any progress in any way. It is very rare here to hear somebody with an original sound characteristic only for themselves; instead, there is a widespread practice of copying a model set by somebody else, which has already proved itself an easily-sold product.”

Ivan’s new project IVEZA was founded in 2005, and like the people of Serbia after the civil war, IVEZA has remained difficult to identify. It has been best described as electronic modern rock: a mix of drum and bass, rock and electro house infused with hard hitting beats, killer guitar riffs, keyboard harmonies and tender vocals. All the music is arranged in a modern rock style and defined with high quality mastering, leaving listeners fascinated with a variety of arrangements and mixes on each track which are produced, arranged and mixed by Ivan. For live performances, the project demands three people, including Ivan. He is accompanied by female vocalist Ana Popovic and MC/DJ Matija Sukovic. Ivan plays guitar, keys, and vocals.

IVEZA’s new EP titled, My Brother, is dedicated to Ivan’s brother who passed away last year. Through the emotional title track, Ivan hopes to eternalize the memory of his beloved brother. He says, “The song is very emotional...each song has an identity of its own, both thematically and structurally. By crossing the boundaries of specific genres I wanted to show the wide specter of my musical interests and I believe that people of different musical taste can easily find something to identify with.”