People can freely set the amount of their reward.
It's not about sales or downloads; it’s just a way to support what's enjoyed.

Who can subscribe as Artist?

moozar page

If you own a channel on YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo or Instagram.
And if you are a performer, band, label, author-composer, photographer, comedian ...
You can subscribe as an Artist.

For more details on the registration, read our registration guide.


moozar page

Everyone can have access easily from the artist page to all informations we have collected ...who is rewarded? how many times? how much for each work?

The money is available for Artists and Partners upon request through a Paypal account.

For more details on reward's sharing, please refer to the learn more page.

There is actually 0 Artists on Reward-link


We provide tools and widgets for artists and fans which will help them to spread the reward link further across the web.
Dedicated applications on Facebook, artist's' pages, embedded iframes for websites and blogs, reward buttons, statistics...

The artist page can be used as a Facebook page application, or embedded on websites & blogs

moozar page
  • Reward Button Reward button, direct to Paypal

  • Moozar Reward links for each work
  • Buy Buy links for each work
  • Informations Informations, biographies & links
  • Library Library with photos, music & videos
  • Pictures Pictures
  • Concerts Concerts, Events & gigs, pulled from Songkick
  • Share Share with the "reward" links on blogs & social networks
  • Comments Comments & likes

All in one stats! Shares, plays, likes ... all in one place

moozar statistics

Connecting all your social media accounts grants you access to an all-in-one stats page.

We uses this data to provide all of the information regarding your work: views, plays, shares, likes ... and, of course, your “rewards”.

Nice & Easy! Subscribe or say good bye with a click

moozar statistics

Registering on Reward-link is free and easy: there is nothing to upload as the feeds and information we need are already available on your YouTube/Soundcloud channels.

And if for any reason you want to leave us, you can do it with just one click and we'll take care of everything else – removing your “reward” links from your tracks & video descriptions.

More than a like, a Reward!

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